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We are dedicated to connecting companies and organizations to the top event spaces in the Greater Philadelphia area. You have many choices from hotel spaces to other locations.

The Philadelphia based company CYTO PHL has recently renovated extraordinary spaces at the Cira Centre next to the 30th Street Train Station.

For a preview of the spaces see:

CYTO PHL at Philadelphia’s Cira Centre: Philadelphia Event Location

Philadelphia event spaces


For a 5% discount on Philadelphia Event Spaces, please reference “CYTOPHL5” when you contact CYTO PHL.

We have featured CYTO PHL because of the top design of their spaces and their support services.

Beyond Philadelphia event spaces:

If you are interested in booking space in the greater metro area for your company’s continuing education, please click here:

Philadelphia Continuing Education

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When booking a corporate event space, there are several important factors to consider to ensure that the venue meets your needs and helps you create a successful event. Here are some key things to look for:


1.Choose a location that is convenient for your attendees, whether it’s near the office, close to transportation options, or in a popular business district.

2.Consider the accessibility of the venue, including parking facilities and public transportation options.


1.Determine the number of attendees you expect and choose a venue that can comfortably accommodate them. Ensure the space is not too small or too large for your group.

3.Layout and Setup:

1.Consider the layout options available at the venue, including theater-style, classroom-style, boardroom-style, or banquet-style setups.

2.Ensure that the venue can arrange seating and equipment according to your event’s needs.

4.Amenities and Equipment:

1.Check if the venue provides the necessary audiovisual equipment, including projectors, screens, microphones, and sound systems.

2.Look for additional amenities such as Wi-Fi, whiteboards, flip charts, and technical support.

5.Catering and Food Services:

1.Determine whether the venue offers catering services or allows external catering. Consider the quality and variety of food options available.

2.Accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences of your attendees.


1.Establish a clear budget for your event and make sure the venue costs, including rental fees, catering, and additional services, fall within your budget.

7.Flexibility and Customization:

1.Check if the venue can accommodate any special requirements you may have, such as branding, decorations, or specific event timings.

2.Ensure the venue’s policies are flexible and can adapt to your needs.

8.Accessibility and Special Requirements:

1.Confirm that the venue is compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations to ensure access for all attendees.

2.If you have international attendees, consider language and cultural needs.

9.Event Services and Support:

1.Assess the level of support and services the venue offers, including on-site event coordinators, technical staff, and security.

2.Make sure you have a point of contact at the venue for any issues or questions that may arise during the event.

10.Reputation and Reviews:

1.Research the venue’s reputation by reading reviews, talking to past clients, and seeking recommendations from colleagues or industry peers.

2.Visit the venue in person to assess its condition and suitability for your event.

11.Contracts and Terms:

1.Carefully review the venue’s contract, including cancellation policies, payment schedules, and any hidden fees.

2.Ensure you have a clear understanding of all terms and conditions before signing any agreements.

12.Technology and Connectivity:

1.Check for reliable internet connectivity and technical support, especially if your event relies heavily on online elements or live streaming.

13.Parking and Transportation:

1.Evaluate the availability of parking spaces or nearby parking facilities, as well as options for public transportation.

14.Safety and Security:

1.Ensure that the venue has adequate security measures in place to protect attendees and their belongings.

By considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can choose a corporate event space that aligns with your event’s goals and requirements, ensuring a successful and memorable experience for your attendees.